Technological Needs Assessments

Do you currently have the right tools in place?

A Technological Needs Assessment is a Assessment for Neurodivergent individuals to establish how technology can best empower them either at home, school or work by embracing the things they aren't too good at and helping them manage those skills better through personalised recommendations to them.

Who are Technological Needs Assessments for?

TNA’s can be used in a variety situations to have appropriate measures put in place for individuals however we find they are most commonly for

Adults in Employment

With schemes like Access to Work our assessments can help provide evidence and recommendations either for Access to work or to Employers wishing to empower their employees.

Children at School

Getting the right support can be a tricky thing especially when it comes to EHCP Recommendations and Occupational Therapist recommendations, we provide our assessment to refine the broad recommendations made by Healthcare Professions.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the Questions we get asked a lot but feel free to contact us if we miss something so that we can add it to the list.

What Is A Discovery Session?

A Discovery Session is a session via Zoom or Teams with the person we are assessing so that we can have a chat, ask a few questions and better understand the persons needs. If the assessment is for a Child or Young Person we would request at least one parent is present so we can make sure we get all of the information we need.

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Why Are Prices Not Shown?

All of our pricing tends to be bespoke to the person we are assessing however assessments normally start at £160 based on the amount of reports and complexity of the assessment, You can contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Why Should We Choose You For Our Needs Assessment?

NeurodiverCity is a Neurodivergent Led not-for-profit which means not only do we have the Technological Skills and Qualifications but we also have the lived experience on how Neurodivergents can be affected in their day to day life.

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Do I Have To Have A Referral?

We know how hard it can be to get referrals for assessments which is why we will accept referrals from Healthcare Professionals or you can have an assessment done privately.

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I Am In Financial Hardship, Can You Help?

If you are opting for a Self-Referral and are in financial hardship we can arrange for some of your assessment cost to be subsidised however this is judged on a case by case basis and we may ask you for proof of benefits etc.

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I Am A Company Looking To Support An Employee, How Do I Refer?

It's great that you are looking out for your Staff! In order to start a Referral you should choose "I Am Not a Healthcare Professional" Below. If you need to make multiple referrals you can contact us to do this.

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