Help Create a Community

With NeurodiverCity

Designed by Neurodivergent Individuals with Neurodivergent Individuals in mind.

So what is


All too often, people with disabilities are excluded from the online world. This can lead to social isolation and reduced quality of life. Neurodiver.City is a Social Media Platform being designed from the ground up to be accessible to all users, regardless of physical or cognitive ability.

Our cutting-edge social media platform is designed for the neurodiverse community, and aims to promote social interaction, education and advocacy for those with disabilities or additional needs while also being an informative resource to help individuals stay safe online.


What is so different about Neurodiver.City?

Accessible Guidelines

Too many social networks have inflexible “Neurotypical” community guidelines, We plan to have guidelines  that allow users to communicate in the easiest ways for them.

Safehaven Community

Most neurodivergent individuals stay away from mainstream Social Media networks due to being penalised for they way they communicated. We aim to help grow and educate not punish.

Social Friendly

It’s hard talking to new people and being able to initiate contact, our plans allow fields which allows users to specify what they like to talk about and what their special interests are.

Community Led Improvements

Unlike major Social Media networks we will implement a user feedback system to allow our community to let us know what they need and what they think we are doing well.

Advanced security

From safeguarding, privacy and dealing with issues we will make sure that members have the best ways to protect their information, who can contact them and also let us know if they have a problem with someone.

Education at Heart

With a built-in education system not only will members be able to learn about boundaries and online safety, Course creators will also be able to sell and list courses on our community.

Plus Much Much More!

A Community to help empower growth.

Neurodiver.City is planned to help many people to be their authentic selves while embarking on their journey of self-discovery.

Our platform is designed with the following in mind:

Neurodivergent Individuals (Age 16+)

Who want to connect with others, expand their social circle and learn.

Business and groups

who provide neurodivergent led services and support.

Advocates and content creators

who have knowledge, education and tips to help neurodivergent individuals through life.

What support we need

How you can help

reshape the community

Big projects like this can be very time consuming and also very expensive to get started and setup especially for a not-for-profit like us, we have done as much as we can so far but we need help from the community in order to make this possible.

We are now asking for Donations in order to carry on making our dream become possible to help bring change to the society we live in.

Help fund

So far we have put in just over 13 months of hard work and spent a substantial amount of money to getting our project to the stage it is now but we have had to pause development.

We are asking for donations to help fund the platform now so that we can finish this project and launch the platform.

As a Community Interest Company we rely on Donations and revenue from the services we provide alongside grants but at this time we have exhausted our options which is why we are asking for your help.

No matter how much or as little you can spare 100% of the donations will be allocated to this project so that we can make sure it is 100% finished and available on both PC, Android and iPhone.

As a Donator not only will you make this project happen sooner, you will also receive exclusive updates on how the project is going along with being invited to be one of the Platform Testers when we release closed beta’s.

If you are a business which would like to see this project come to fruition please contact us to discuss platform sponsorship.

When will it launch

If we can hit our goal we anticipate launch around November/December 2022