Neurodivergent Powered Tech

We believe the world should be accessible for Neurodivergent's so along side services we create bespoke platforms to help bring accessibility to life!

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We believe that every person should be heard and to be able to communicate in their own preferred way despite "Neurotypical Norms" so we are on a mission to change the mindset of Society.

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Neurodivergent Powered Support

In a society that frequently takes your voice away it can be really hard to be heard and navigate life, we are all about promoting communicating on your own terms in a way that feels natural to you. From self-discovery to post-diagnosis. Whether you are a neurodivergent or a loved one of a neurodivergent we have services for you or can signpost you to the right people.


Helping individuals and families grow through advocacy, targeted personal development and self-discovery.


Delivering Neurodivergent led training, live speaking, accessibility services and much more from lived experience.


Providing access to funding, consultancy and resources promoting Neurodivergent led business ventures.

The Perfect Partners

We partner with other Companies who are as passionate about inclusion, diversity & encouraging a Neurodiverse market as we are, as such they really bolster our services. and offerings.

Talented Team

Here at NeurodiverCity we believe in using peoples strengths, this is why we take the approach of fitting job roles to people and not people to roles.

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